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Frost Methane keeps pollution
out of the air, and pays you for it
Frost Methane pays land owners, mineral rights owners, and farmers who deploy our turnkey, methane management solutions at their sites. 

Our proven technology neutralizes methane from manure ponds, abandoned coal mines, and landfills, which earns carbon offset revenue that we share with our customers.


Free Management

Frost Methane captures and destroys methane from your source. We own, install, and maintain the equipment and site at no cost to you.

Fair Compensation

We fund our projects by selling carbon offsets based on reducing emissions, and can often compensate you for your time and land use.

Low Impact

Our devices are small and have minimal land impact. We handle all cleanup at the completion of the project.

We also work with coal mining companies to measure and control methane emissions from active mines, increasing safety.

Partners & Funders

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