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What We Do

We install highly efficient flares to destroy concentrated sources of methane, turning waste greenhouse gases into value for our partners and landowners. We focus on sites where we can make a large impact, and handle the end-to-end process for our partners, including permitting, installation, and navigating carbon market validation and offset sales.


Methane mitigation for increased safety and environmental benefit


Frost Methane exists to identify, monitor, and flare concentrated methane seeps from active and abandoned coal mines, Arctic permafrost, and other geologic sources worldwide. We earn revenue through carbon offset markets, which we re-invest into future deployments, building a global network of self-sustaining devices to reduce methane emissions. Where practical, we also have the option to add electricity generation when we can match it with a productive on-site use. 



Frost Methane deploys methane destruction devices on concentrated methane seeps worldwide. Our devices measure gas flow and concentration, then convert the methane stream into carbon dioxide using flares and generators. We incorporate an automated monitoring and reporting system which allows our fleet to be deployed and managed at scale.

 Flare monitoring systems for remote operation and carbon market certification

  • Low cost system designed for small, distributed, remote flares

  • Built to carbon-market verification standards for accuracy (better than ±5%) and continuous reporting

  • Competitive alternatives are 10x as expensive or more

  • Lowers maintenance costs with real time alerts and automatic relight system

  • Options for cell or satellite communications

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Methane emissions are responsible for 20% of greenhouse gas warming and are 28x more potent than CO2. We fight climate change by flaring concentrated releases of methane, and add to the scientific dataset on methane release in the process. We do this because we believe that urgent action is needed to preserve both our planet's biodiversity and our most sensitive communities. Our approach has the potential to offset 1% of global human emissions, equivalent to removing 100 million cars from the road.


Where possible, we hire local community members to help with installation and maintenance of our systems. We bring a new, profitable business model to rural areas.


We help landowners earn an additional steady revenue stream from their land, while we handle project operations and market fluctuations.



Olya Irzak

CEO, Founder

Olya is a software engineer with deep climate tech expertise.

Laughlin Barker

Electrical Engineer

Laughlin specializes in building underwater vehicles and instrumentation.

Derek Chung

Operations Strategist

Derek has a background in design of utility-scale energy storage systems.

Elizabeth Hillstrom

Lead Engineer

Elizabeth has a background in thermal fluids engineering for prototype systems.

Edwin Chiu

Electrical Engineer

Edwin has experience designing vehicles to explore space, the Earth, and our oceans.

Ethan Chaleff

Mechanical Engineer

Ethan designs next-generation power plants for clean energy production.

Curtis Kline

Chief of Staff

Curtis has broad tech and business experience in software, oil & gas, and nonprofits.


Chief Morale Officer

Toby has half a decade of experience providing relaxed and restorative vibes.

Megan Klimen

Business Lead

Megan created and ran companies from idea to multi-million dollar valuations.


Jonathan Toomim

Business Strategist

Jonathan has experience using low-carbon power for bitcoin mining.


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