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At Frost Methane, we are fighting runaway climate change by mitigating arctic methane release from permafrost. We do this because we believe that urgent action is needed to preserve both our planet's biodiversity and our most sensitive communities.


As warming continues and the ice caps melt, methane gas is released into the atmosphere. Methane is a greenhouse gas significantly stronger than carbon dioxide. This situation creates the potential for a runaway feedback, as more warming, more melting and more gas release in a reinforcing loop. It is imperative that we find the worst of such seeps and mitigate these releases if we hope to have a fighting chance at save our planet.


Frost Methane is committed to researching and executing on means to reduce the potential impact of runaway climate change, and doing this in a manner that respects and benefits the communities near these seeps. 

The town of Kotzebue, Alaska (above) is built atop a permafrost spit jutting out into the Pacific. Warming is causing the permafrost to melt, literally threatening the ground beneath their feet.