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Methane emissions are responsible for 20% of greenhouse gas warming. Frost Methane Labs aims to shrink the impact of concentrated methane emissions by producing de-methanization devices which monitor methane sources and convert the methane stream into carbon dioxide using flares and generators. While flares exist for coal mine methane destruction, the technology is far from widespread. We see an opportunity to refine the monitoring and automation of these devices in order to create integrated systems that can be deployed at scale.

 Integrated monitoring system for carbon market certification and remote operation

  • Low cost system designed for small, distributed, remote flares

  • Competitive alternatives are often 10x more expensive

  • Lowers maintenance costs with real time alerts & automatic relight system

  • Options for cell or satellite communications

  • Compatible with installed flare systems


Current methane destruction projects are only feasible on the largest methane sources due in part to the high cost of monitoring, verification, and maintenance. The Frost Methane monitoring system under development aims to lower maintenance costs by integrating sensors with real time alerts and automatic relight systems, to reduce the need for in-person maintenance and performance tweaks. This is an especially valuable cost-saving measure on methane sources that may have varying source gas composition and flow, such as pre- and post- drainage boreholes and gob wells in gassy coal mines, and natural sources like thermokarst thaw lakes in Arctic permafrost.

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